Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What is Hatred?

"Hatred only makes you feel you have power."-Rebecca L.

While at work, I overheard a guest of mine having a conversation with her friend.  She said the quote mentioned above and I asked for her permission to post it on my blog.  Immediately when I heard her say it, I was astonished.  I went over and apologized for imposing on her and her friend's conversation.  I told her that was one of the most powerful things I have ever heard someone say.  It's funny.  She didn't even realize when she had said when I went over.  The three of us talked briefly and gave examples of people like Hitler and other dictators who think they have power when they oppress other people and how bullies feel they have power when they pick on someone else.

During our conversation we noticed two things about this type of  "power":
1. It is temporary.
2. They have this power because we give it to them.

Think of this:  If you gain power by oppressing other people, what happens when you have no one to push around?  You become power-less.  On the other hand, there is always someone who needs love.  This is an abundant source of power in which we can all reap.

As a side note:

Recently, I saw a movie on Netflix called "The Square".  It is about the Egyptian's recent protests to fight the oppression of their government.  They made some great accomplishments in getting things changed.  The Egyptian's love for their country, for their families, and their future overcame the obstacles they faced.  Their love even overcame religious differences in their country.  There is a quote in the movie the people used, "Muslims and Christians are one hand."  The Muslims and Christians had come together to fight side by side to overcome oppression.  My point is, Love is stronger than hate.  It is very unfortunate some of the things that happen in the movie, however it is an excellent film to watch.

-With love

Cornelious Jordan

p.s. Thank you Rebecca!  

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