Corny Moments

...the Corny Moments

For those who have followed me for a while, know I have these random thoughts...epiphanies, if you will.  Sometimes my random thoughts can be quite intelligent.  Other times, not so much.  I find myself thinking deeply about "simple" things such as: cartoons, commercials, fictional characters and so on.  During these random thoughts a phenomenon occurs.  A phenomenon I affectionately call "Corny Moments".  

I have decided to bring all of it into one place.  Here, you will find things that I find humorous and I hope you will too.  I hope it will make you think or smile, at the least.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I  present to you...Corny Moments.
Corny Moment #1 11/29/13

If Santa is Spanish for saint Does this mean SantaClaus was Latino? Joww! 

...and this has been a #cornymoment.

Corny Moment #2 11/29/13

All this time we've had it completely wrong...Ike Turner wasn't saying Anna Mae. He was saying anime!----The man just wanted to watch cartoons-----no wonder he was so upset (smh)

 ...and this has been a #cornymoment

Corny Moment #3 12/01/13

...and this has been a #cornymoment

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