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Ben Breedlove "The Soldier"

To those who followed my last blog "Voice Your Belief" you may remember my post about Ben Breedlove.  I am ecstatic that his story and the message lives on.  Recently CNN aired "To Heaven and Back."  Here's a segment of it featuring Ben's Mother.  This story still touches me.

Below is my blogpost from 2012 "Ben Breedlove 'The Soldier'"

On December 25, 2012 it would have been one year since a young man named Ben Breedlove passed away shortly after posting a video on youtube.  I first blogged on this topic on 1-4-12. Here's what I wrote: For those who haven't seen this video or wish to watch it again, I have posted part 2 of Ben's story at the top of the blogpost.  Part 1 will be posted at the end of the blog for those desiring to watch the full story. My point is based on part2


A lot of people see this video and think it is sad.  When I see this video I can't help but smile.  He is a handsome young man, and his smile is very contagious.  When I see his fighting spirit and his charisma, in these few minutes he has left us on youtube, I am deeply moved when I think about Ben's family. I think about his parents and siblings specifically.  I think about how they will miss his smiling face and other quirks they will miss that we, the viewing audience, know nothing about.  Mr. and Mrs. Breedlove and the entire family my heart and prayers go out to you.  Words cannot express my deepest condolences.  I speak the comfort of the Holy Spirit over you.  I pray the same comfort Jesus sent to his disciples after He rose from the grave and had to part from them once more. (John 14:16)  in Jesus' name amen. The Revelation Dear audience, Please do not mistake my thoughts on this video for insensitivity.  Without further ado, this is what I saw when I watched his video: I was already prepared by some of my facebook friends that the video would be sad.  At first I was sad.  I was asking God, "Why did Ben have to battle with this heart condition?"  Like many others, I am trying to rationalize tragic times...  "I know that bad things happen to good people sometimes.  The sun rises and sets on this earth, and good and bad people live on the earth, therefore the sun rises on the just and the unjust." are some of the thoughts I adapted from Matthew 5:45.  This answer didn't seem to be the right one. Then I felt God reminding me of the notes John took when he and the disciples encountered a blind man in John 9:1-12. In this scripture the disciples came upon a man that was born blind and asked Jesus, "Who has sinned? This man or his parents that he was born blind?"  and Jesus answered, "Neither this man nor his parents sinned. This happened so the work (some translations say glory) of God may be displayed in his life." (some translations say, "through his life.") Then Jesus healed him. As I continued watching Ben's video, I kept thinking about that scripture.  How is the glory of the Lord being shown through Ben's battle with his heart?  Why did he cheat death so many times only to die at age 18?   ...Then it dawned on me as this young man continued showing his cards, and reminiscing on the time he saw the white light and the time in the white room, and how he longed to go back to that wonderful, peaceful place.  It dawned on me.  Ben was put on a mission, he had a job to do.  I believe God has a plan for all of our lives.  In these depressing times where so many have lost hope, and so few have faith, Ben had a job to do.  He didn't leave this world at 4 years old because it wasn't his time.  If I may be so bold to say, I join his family and the rest of the world to say we will miss you!  However, I believe Ben Breedlove's task was to deliver a message.  One of hope and of renewing faith.  He began with a question, "Do you believe in angels or God?"  The answer was very subtle, yet powerful.  God's message through Ben was:

 Thank you Ben.  "...well done." Matthew 25:23

 *this is part one

  So now I ask YOU, "Do you believe in Angels or God?  Have you ever had a supernatural experience?" -CJ

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